Coronavirus – Germany: Escalation of measures for the unvaccinated is not ruled out

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The director of the chancellery Helge Brown (CDU) made it clear in the run-up to the federal election but also in the autumn that tougher restrictions are not currently required meters for the vaccinated, but this does not apply to them unvaccinated.

This will depend on the situation at hospitals, as well as from a possible high rate of infection in schools, broadcasts by ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ, citing German media.

“In the event of a worsening of the situation, the level of escalation of the restrictive measures, ie ban on entry indoors and participation in events for non-vaccinated and recovering (2G) can not be ruled out in the first place. But this will only happen when we see signs overload in the health system and this is not happening at the moment.

THE Denmark However, he benefited from the vaccination rates “, said the Christian Democrat (CDU) politician in an interview in a show on the RTL television network.

“We are monitoring the situation in the hospitals very closely. If vaccinated surgeries are canceled because hospital beds must be left open for additional patients with coronavirus, then one should also ask whether it is necessary to take further measures for unvaccinated citizens.

However, the infection rate “It has stabilized somewhat at the moment.”

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