Coronavirus – Italy: Delta mutation is detected in 95% of cases

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According to the Italian Higher Institute of Health, the Delta variant is now detected in 95% of coronavirus cases. At the same time, the average age of patients with coronavirus in the last week was 27 years old and those who needed to be admitted to hospital, 49.

“The increase in the spread of the Delta variant, as in other European countries, was expected and the whole situation must remain under constant monitoring,” adds the Italian Higher Institute of Health.

Regarding the use of the “green vaccinated pass”, the Italian Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri stressed that its use will depend on the spread of the virus. That is, it can be regulated, depending on the epidemiological data “.

It is reminded that the “green pass” in Italy will be mandatory from August 6, for entry and cafes that have tables indoors, but also in restaurants, swimming pools, theaters, gyms.

According to information, however, the Italian government intends not to impose the use of the pass in hotel restaurants, provided that they do not accept “external customers”.

Finally, Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgeze said that “the controls that are already being carried out will be increased” and that this tightening “will mainly concern the airports, taking into account the countries of origin of the passengers and the corresponding number of cases”.

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