Coronavirus: “Lockdown for the Unvaccinated” in Saxony and Austria

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Only for vaccinated and sick people from today access to focus and events in Austria and Saxony. As a “lockdown for the unvaccinated” describes the new situation h Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

In view of their implementation new measures, in Austria There was a record attendance of citizens yesterday for vaccination, with queues outside the vaccination centers, especially where the vaccination could be done without an appointment.

From today, in addition to work, for which the 3G Rule still applies, one will need vaccination or disease certificate to has access to catering businesses, in the retail, στα hairdressers, στα hotels, στα theaters, σε concerts, σε sports events. In addition, the Austrian government has announced that vaccination certificates will henceforth be valid for nine months and will be renewed only with the administration of the booster dose. For a transitional period of four weeks, Rule 2G will also include those who have already received the first dose of the vaccine and who have a negative molecular diagnostic test result. Access to shops, museums and libraries will only be allowed with an FFP2 mask.

Coronavirus: Those who are not vaccinated should be vaccinated

Yesterday Sunday in Austria were recorded 8,554 new cases of the new coronavirus, while the Friday had touched them 10.000. On Saturday, immediately after the announcement of the new measures, 10,488 first doses were administered.

The situation is similar, as broadcast by AMPE Saxony, the largest L .nder of Germany, which applies a general restriction on access to premises and services with the exception of only vaccinated and sick people. Until November 25th Only these two groups of citizens will be allowed to enter hotels, indoor restaurants, sporting and cultural events. The new measures, however, have provoked reactions on the part of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), the Liberals (FDP) and hoteliers associations.

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