Coronavirus: No case in Victoria for the first time in three weeks

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After a hard lockdown that seems to be working so far, the state of Victoria in Australia today reported zero cases of local transmission from COVID-19 for the first time in about three weeks.

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The state capital Melbourne came out last night from a two-week lockdown, which was imposed after an outbreak of cases coronavirus with the recording of about 90 cases of infection since May 24. Melbourne has come out of the lockdown, but some travel and concentration restrictions remain, including a restriction that requires the city’s five million residents to stay within 25 kilometers of their homes.

Coronavirus: Alarm in New South Wales and Queensland

Neighboring New South Wales and Queensland, meanwhile, have been alerted to the coronavirus following a trip by an infected woman and her husband from Victoria, visiting several cities in both counties, including broadcasts AMPE.

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The 44-year-old woman tested positive for coronavirus after arriving in the state of Queensland and she then transmitted the virus to her husband.

Cafes, restaurants, service stations and supermarkets in New South Wales and Queensland have been identified as outbreaks of coronavirus transmission, despite Queensland officials saying the couple may be at the end of their transmission period. COVID-19, creating a low risk of transmission.

New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, has not reported incidents of local transmission of COVID-19 for more than a month, while the state of Queensland reported cases of infection for the last time in late March.

Cafes, restaurants, service stations and supermarkets in New South Wales and Queensland reported no local contamination today, with New South Wales expected to report the daily number of COVID-19 cases later today.

Australia did much better than other developed countries during the pandemic, with outbreaks of just over 30,200 cases and 910 deaths, most of them in nursing homes in Victoria.

Enforcement lockdown, the conduct of internal border controls, but also the application of strict rules of social distancing have helped to deal with previous outbreaks.

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