Coronavirus: Positive results for Valneva vaccine candidate – 30% increase in its share

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Positive preliminary results of the candidate Phase 3 clinical trials vaccine of against him coronavirus announced the French-Austrian company Valneva. “The test met the basic evaluation criteria,” the company said in a statement.

More specifically, in comparison with its vaccine AstraZeneca, “Showed superiority over the AZD1222 vaccine in mean neutralizing antibody (…) as well as correlation in seroconversion rates (SCR, over 95% in both vaccination groups), two weeks after the second dose (ie the 43rd day) in adults 30 years and older “.

The announcement is made a little over a month after The British government has canceled its contract for the supply of 100 million installments. The news had caused Valneva’s share to fall in the stock market. The French Government then reassured that the European Union was still interested in the Valneva vaccine and that negotiations were continuing.

Coronavirus: The company is preparing for an application for approval to MHRA and Coreper

Immediately after the announcement of the company, the share of Valneva took off by 30% with the opening on the Paris Stock Exchange. Half an hour later, the company’s title was at + 31.75% (15.81 euros) in a falling market (-0.88%), according to APE-MPE.

“This is a very traditional vaccine approach compared to the vaccines that have been released so far in the United Kingdom and the United States, and these results indicate that this candidate vaccine is well on its way to playing an important role in tackling the pandemic.” , Adam Finn, head of clinical trials and professor of Pediatrics at the University of Bristol, said in a statement.

Thomas Lingelbach, general manager of Valneva, said “These outstanding results confirm the benefits often associated with inactivated virus-based vaccines” and added that the company is seeking its approval as soon as possible to provide an alternative for those who have not yet been vaccinated.

The company is preparing to submit the file for initial approval to the British Health Service (MHRA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in the context of an application for conditional licensing.

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