Russia and the United States submitted to the UN a joint resolution on cybersecurity

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Today, October 18, Kommersant reported that Russia and the United States jointly submitted to the UN a resolution on cybersecurity, which may well be called historically important – the document states that states should use information and communication resources and technologies exclusively for peaceful purposes. , preventing any conflict situations. It also indicates the concern that in the modern world, certain countries may well use information technology for military purposes, which the United States and Russia want, judging by the joint resolution, to avoid.

The first vote for this resolution is scheduled for November 2021, after which the document will be submitted to a general vote in December – it is then that the fate of this proposal will be decided. In addition, it is worth noting that at the moment all the norms that are spelled out in the resolution document are only conditional standards of behavior of states in cyberspace, which do not bind anyone to anything. But if the resolution is nevertheless adopted by a general vote, then certain rules may appear that states will have to reckon with – they will be binding.

Also, the journalists of the Kommersant publication, and of Western publications too, said that this proposal can be called historical – earlier the United States and Russia were opponents on most issues at the UN, including in the field of cybersecurity. Fortunately, according to Andrei Krutskikh, the representative of the President of Russia on international cooperation in the field of information security, the countries were able to “bracket” their political differences in order to form a pragmatic and constructive position – Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden managed to agree on this in Geneva in June this year.

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