Coronavirus: Slightly fewer infections and hospitalizations with the Moderna vaccine than with Pfizer

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Those who have been vaccinated against Moderna have a slightly lower risk of being infected with the coronavirus and being treated with Covid-19 compared with those who have been vaccinated with Pfizer / BioNTech, according to a new US study comparing .

Researchers from the Case Western Reserve University of Cleveland School of Medicine, led by bioinformatics professor Rong Soo, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), analyzed data on more than 637,000 fully vaccinated people. (in two doses). The investigation took into account data for the period July-November 2021 and the cases of infections mainly concerned the Delta variant (Omicron had not yet dominated).

The study found a 12.7% hospitalization rate for those vaccinated with Moderna versus 13.3% for those with Pfizer. It also found 1.6 cases of coronavirus infection per 1,000 vaccinated with Moderna versus 2.8 infections per 1,000 vaccinated with Pfizer. No significant difference in mortality was observed between those vaccinated with the two vaccines.

“Although there is a difference in infections in vaccinated people, both vaccines are highly protective against coronavirus infection and in particular against the more serious consequences of the infection. Further studies are needed on the effects of booster doses and in particular the protection of vulnerable populations. “Vaccines,” said researcher Professor Pamela Davis.


Source From: Capital

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