Coronavirus: US plans to open borders to fully vaccinated

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The USA, whose borders remain closed to foreign travelers from dozens of countries around the world, intends to reopen them at least to those who have vaccinated fully for COVID-19, a White House official said Wednesday.

Washington is compiling news, “A progressive approach, which will mean, with a few exceptions, that aliens coming to the US – from all countries – should be fully vaccinated”, the source explained, but did not specify the timetable for the implementation of the new policy of the US President Joe Biden.

“Working groups dedicated to the issue” are in the process of formulating the new policy, so that we are ready, when the time comes, to move towards this new system “, the official added, as broadcast by AMPE.

For the time being, the travelers from Europe, India, Brazil, as well as China, they may not enter American territory unless there is a compelling and specific reason.

Washington continues to deafen to calls, especially from Europeans, for reciprocity.

While European Union countries have decided to open their borders to the United States, provided they are either vaccinated for COVID-19 or have a negative test certificate, travelers from the Schengen area, the United Kingdom and Ireland do not may, on the other hand, enter the US from March 2020.

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