Coronavirus – WHO: Alarm to extend the pandemic until the end of 2022

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In warning that his pandemic coronavirus “Will continue for a year longer than it should” because poor countries do not receive the vaccines they need, went on World Health Organisation (WHERE).

Dr Bruce Eilward, a WHO official, explained that this means that the health crisis could “easily be extended until late in 2022”. Less than 5% of the African population is immunized against covid-19, compared with 40% on most other continents.

According to the APE-EIA, Ellward called on rich countries to turn their backs on the poor so that pharmaceutical companies could prioritize lower-income countries.

Coronavirus – WHO: Only one in seven installments of donations actually reaches its destination

The WHO official pointed out that rich countries should also check where they are in terms of their vaccine donations based on the commitments they have made.

“I can tell you that we are not on the right track”, he stressed. “We really need to step up the pace, otherwise you know what will happen? “This pandemic will continue for a year longer than it should,” he stressed.

An association of charities, the People’s Vaccine, has released data showing that only one in seven installments pledged by rich countries and pharmaceutical companies actually reaches its destination.

The vast majority of covid-19 vaccines have been given to high- and above-middle-income countries, while in Africa only 2.6% of the dose has been administeredυ have been made worldwide.

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