God of War will be released on PC: with DLSS, 4K and improved graphics

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Once exclusive games from internal studios of Sony were the real engine of sales of the PlayStation line of game consoles, but apparently, during the period of shortage of semiconductors, the Japanese giant changed its tactics. Yesterday, October 20, the company officially announced that God of War, one of the best games on the PlayStation 4, will be released on PC – the project already has a page on the Steam platform, the exact release date (January 14, 2022) and even system requirements. Accordingly, four years after its launch on consoles, the project will lose its exclusivity for Sony game consoles, like many other projects before.

At the same time, PC gamers will receive a much more attractive version of the God of War game than the owners of the PlayStation 4 consoles for whom this exclusive was originally created. For example, the PC version has a fairly wide range of graphics settings – players will be able to adjust the image in the game to the power of their system, and there is a huge chance that even at medium-high graphics settings in God of War will be more attractive than on the original console. In addition, the developers said that the PC will have improved shadows, reflections and volumetric lighting with GTAO and SSDO technologies.

Moreover, the game client will support NVIDIA DLSS technology and, best of all, RTX – this means that the developers have implemented ray tracing in the PC version. In addition, there is support for 4K resolution, which is not surprising, as well as widescreen monitors 21: 9. But the bonuses for PC fans do not end there either – God of War on Steam costs only 3,150 rubles, which is much cheaper than the cost at the time of release in the PS Store (and even now the game costs more on consoles than on PC), plus buyers get gift a variety of cosmetic items.

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