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Country idols gather donations for victims of the rains in RS

Some of the names country people most famous people in the country announced help to flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul . In addition to Gusttavo Lima, Maiara and Maraisa and Zé Neto and Cristiano donate fees from one of their shows, Ana Castela and Luan Pereira created a campaign on the networks.

According to Civil defense until this Tuesday afternoon (7), 397 of 497 cities had been reached in the state – equivalent to 79.88% of the total. To date, 90 deaths have been confirmed, in addition to 132 missing and 361 injured.

Check out initiatives from some country people:

Gusttavo Lima

Singer Gusttavo Lima announced that he will donate the fee from his show in Palmas, which will take place on Saturday (11), to help those affected by the rains in RS. The event will take place in the parking lot of the Nilton Santos stadium, and will be another edition of “Buteco’s” farewell tour.

On Monday (6), he had already shared that a plane left Goiânia with items such as food, medicine, clothes, water, mattresses and hygiene products. “I provide my support in the form of donations, and, in advance, I thank my team and partners […] which made it possible to send essential items,” he wrote.

Zé Neto and Cristiano

The country duo Zé Neto and Cristiano announced the donation of the fee for a show held in Cajamar (interior of SP), last Friday (3). The moment in which Zé Neto holds the flag of Rio Grande do Sul and reveals the donation was published on the artists' networks.

“Mayor, you will do the following for our fee: you will pass it directly to the Pix of the people who are helping with the campaign in Rio Grande do Sul. We don’t want a real of the money from here today. Everything goes there”, said Zé Neto.

The video has already reached more than 4.9 million views. “Two things: 1 – Thank you, Cajamar. 2 – Help our RS, however you can.”, says the caption.

Simone Mendes

Simone Mendes also showed solidarity with the victims of the rains in Rio Grande do Sul and decided to share some information with her more than 38 million followers. The singer published, for example, some donation collection points in São Paulo and Paraná.

In her Instagram stories, she said she was “happy” for the country’s unity in favor of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. “I've already done my part and you on the other side, if you can, even if it's just a little bit, make a pix so we can help,” she declared.

Maiara and Maraisa

On Monday (6th), Maiara and Maraisa published a video on the duo's Instagram stories, announcing that they will donate the fee from the show held at the Araújo Vianna auditorium, in Porto Alegre, last Wednesday night (1st).

The event took place amidst the storm that flooded much of Rio Grande do Sul. “In recent days, the images that Brazil has seen are very sad and completely different from the usual joy. For these moments of joy to happen again, we need to help the population who are going through the biggest challenge of all time, but with faith”, says Maraisa.

“With the solidarity and work of true heroes who are risking themselves to save lives, we are sure that everything will work out. All proceeds from our last show will go to the victims of these terrible floods. God bless you all!”, concluded the singer.

Family of Marília Mendonça

João Gustavo, brother of Marília Mendonça announced this Monday that the family will hold a raffle in which the prize is a singer's guitar . The amount raised will be used to buy water for families affected by floods in RS.

The attitude was criticized by the public, who expressed their opinion on the importance of the object as a family souvenir. “Those who are against this need to rethink their own values, a material good will never be more important than helping other people!”, published João Gustavo.

The raffle costs R$5 and the draw will be held next Monday (13). It can be purchased here.

Ana Castela

Considered one of the most popular artists of the genre today, Ana Castela is raffling off a hat with her autograph in a campaign created by her and Luan Pereira. The SOS Ana e Lu page already has more than 20 thousand followers.

Since announcing the form of aid for the state of Rio Grande do Sul, both artists have encouraged their followers daily to increase donations to victims of the rains. Boiadeira also shared the profile and message of her country friend, informing the means of help.

In the comments on the post pinned to the created profile, internet users stated that in addition to money, they will donate clothes and food to those affected.

Luan Pereira

Last Sunday (5), singer Luan Pereira revealed the initiative together with Ana Castela. “You will make donations… and you will compete for mine and Ana’s thing”, he wrote, encouraging his more than 8 million followers.

“The pain is deep, the damage is evident in every flooded street, in every house devastated by the relentless waters. However, it is in these moments that our inner strength manifests itself and hope emerges as a light on the dark horizon”, says one of the profile posts.

“As people donate, we will raffle off my hats, my clothes, Ana’s hats and clothes… Things that we have already used”, he said.

See this photo on Instagram

A post shared by SOS Ana and Lu (@sosanaelu)

Virginia Fonseca

This Tuesday (7), Zé Felipe's wife, Virginia Fonseca showed the amount of donations she set aside to send to RS. When showing several boxes and a closet with pieces of clothing and pillows, for example, the influencer wrote: “Today I’m going to come in here and start sorting them to send to RS.”

Before that, the businesswoman had already revealed that she donated an amount to one of the fundraisers created to raise funds for the victims. Virginia said that she and her mother-in-law, Poliana Rocha, would organize a charity bazaar, but decided to send the pieces directly.

“We have a lot of clothes and, as we have women's, men's and children's clothes, I want to separate the clothes into boxes and send them to different cities”, he explained.

Source: CNN Brasil

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