Couple ‘arms’ their hotel at a gas station in Mexico and causes a sensation in networks

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A couple of foreign adventurers decided to take their car and travel to different parts of the world with the idea of ​​camping in their vehicle in each place they visited. For this reason, without fear of anything, on their tour of Mexico they decided to stay the night at a gas station.

Their audacity has become viable on TikTok, since not even the Mexicans themselves can believe that they dare to carry out such a risky vacation plan, but they seem very calm and happy to know so many wonderful places.

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Content creators identified on TikTok as Levi & Leah (@levi__leah) decided to go on an adventure by making their car their home while traveling around different places.

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In each video they post, they show how much fun they have on their tours, since they get to know incredible places without having to spend a fortune. However, what caught the attention of netizens a lot is that Levi and Leah stayed to sleep next to a gas station somewhere in Mexico.

The viral video clip shows part of the night routine of the travelers, who first took a bath in the showers of the gas station and asked the manager for permission to stay there. Later they looked for a good place to park, made the bed, ate dinner outdoors sitting in the car with the trunk open and then watched Netflix for a while.

But since the internet failed, they got up to brush their teeth. Then Levi and Leah read for a while before going to sleep. Finally, the couple says that the next day they realized that several people had also spent the night in their vehicles, so despite what people think about insecurity, they never felt in danger.

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Source: Okchicas

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