Couple ask guests to bring their own food to save money and receive criticism

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At a time when weddings are becoming more expensive and luxurious, Shelby Phelps and her boyfriend Garrett got smart, as they managed to celebrate their union without spending a fortune. How did they do it? Asking your guests for help and keeping things simple.

After two weeks planning a simple wedding, the bride chose for her big day a discreet second-use dress that only cost her $50, while the groom wore casual clothes instead of the usual tuxedo, for which they only spent $600 in a celebration that will also be unforgettable for them.

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some bride and groom at a wedding in the countryside wear simple and casual clothes

For a marriage to work, a lot of teamwork is required. According to information from New York PostThis was precisely what the couple did by organizing themselves in such a way that their wedding expenses would not end up suffocating them, but with a little help from their family and friends, everything was ready. Shelby told the outlet the idea they launched and how well everything turned out.

We live in a community of river guides, and we told people we didn’t want gifts, but if they wanted to show off their talent, they could take pictures, bake a cake, and cook a meal.

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couple celebrating their wedding in the countryside wear casual clothes and a bouquet of wild flowers

With this simple request, a friend offered to bake them a delicious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, others served as photographers and videographers, and several others chose to bring a dish. As the venue for the event, the couple chose a path that they adorned with wildflowers. In addition, they offered their guests pizza and beers.

We ended up celebrating with a campfire and since it was a common trail we had random hikers come by and stay with us for a while. We danced to music until it got dark. It was by far the most beautiful day of my life. Everyone had a great time, we didn’t need to spend thousands for it to be perfect.

some bride and groom kiss after getting married they are accompanied by two people

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