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Couture headband: the most glamorous accessory for ceremonies

Tips on how to dress to be posh al marriage of your best friend we have already given them to you. And also the tip to find the floral dresses most beautiful boho, also perfect for a ceremony. But is that still not enough for you? Are you still looking for an accessory that makes a difference? We found it: the couture headband.

Loved and adored by the British Royals (but by all British women in general), the headband is one of the pieces where creativity is at its best.

And there are many brands to discover. How Jess Collett Milliner, a Notting Hill brand and boutique, which also boasts Pippa Middleton among its customers.

Her creations are glamorous and super feminine! Like this headband Rosehip composed of a cluster of fake berries in shades of pale pink and yellow. The perfect combo for a floral print midi dress.

  Jess Colette Milliner
Jess Collett Milliner

And then, we cannot fail to mention Philip Treacy, the undisputed king of made in UK hats, often also enjoys playing with fascinators and headbands.

After all, just add a few feathers, rhinestones, bows to the classic of bon ton, to be sure not to go unnoticed! Philip, however, sometimes exaggerates, and adds unexpected elements, such as a piano keyboard with its iconic black and white keys. More creative than that!

Philip-Treacy couture headbands
Un headpiece di Philip Treacy

But it’s not just him who is betting everything on extravagant and fun style. Bundle MacLaren, another English designer, in her headdresses and fascinators always adds a double load of irony. Look at this special piece, for example. A true work of pop art made to order.

Headpiece di Bundle MacLaren
Headpiece di Bundle MacLaren

You like the idea of ​​adding a headband moda to your perfect wedding guest look?
Browse the gallery in alto to discover our selection of headbands: from the most extravagant to the most elegant.

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