Diletta Leotta: “I don’t give up good food, but I compensate with a lot of training”

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Diletta Leotta, experienced and young TV presenter, tells us about her routine to keep fit. That breathtaking physique, her Mediterranean beauty that many women wish for, it is the result of a healthy and correct diet (but not without exceptions) and lots of sport. He made us enter his daily life with great availability, revealing some secrets to keep us fit.

On the food front, do you follow a particular wellness routine?
«A passion that is part of my routine is the centrifuges he extracts. In the morning, in fact, I always wake up having breakfast with a centrifuge based on carrot, apple and ginger. But it’s not always easy and possible to have the time to prepare a full breakfast, so when I can’t make it, I buy a juice based on these elements. Before going to bed then I drink my chamomile tea but I don’t particularly like herbal teas, on this I will have to broaden my horizons a bit ».

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Tell us the truth, do you also occasionally indulge in cheats or always follow a perfect diet?
«It makes me laugh a bit because in reality what I do – but perhaps going to my thirties I will have to change this aspect – is the preference for eating but doing a lot of training, precisely in order not to give up good food. Being Sicilian and also a good fork, I must confess that I often cheat. Not always, because maybe during the working period and in the busy months I am quite controlled, always eating very light lunch, for example spelled or a salad. But maybe after the game I drink my glass of wine and I definitely eat something more delicious with my friends, and I don’t give up on that. The next day, however, I train a lot, even a little because of the guilt ».

Many happen to experience a certain sense of guilt when perhaps they indulge in a pizza, precisely because it is as if they immediately felt fatter. Does it happen to you? How do you fight this feeling?
«My alternative to guilt feelings is sport, it’s the best way and I have finally found a good balance. I train more or less every day. But after this heavy year that we have lived, I felt the need to insert something else as well, namely yoga. It is a very nice practice, which I recommend because it is very relaxing and allows you to focus on yourself. There I can really disconnect for an hour and a half. I no longer think about planning, work and everything I have to do ».

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How do you juggle intense work and maintaining your body and mental well-being?
«I also force myself to do it because I really feel the need. I entered yoga in the morning three times a week before the radio and I never give it up. It makes me start the day more energetically and I particularly notice the difference ».

Speaking of sport, you contributed to the creation of the Buddyfit training app, a digital gym that offers access to live classes with the best trainers, including the possibility of doing yoga. Why did you decide to join this project?
“When Buddyfit was born it was at the very beginning of the lockdown and when I was offered to join this App project I immediately” married “him, both because he is very much in line with me, and because I have always shared mine first workouts. I find home fitness brilliant and I saw no reason not to join something that is very close to my way of seeing sport. Buddyfit has now become an important part of my daily life, both of all the people who are registered. We have made a great culture of wellbeing this year and now we are many. Our community has more than twenty thousand people and we are very satisfied. I I don’t experience training obsessively, but I know it’s my way to get better, it makes me look more toned, fitter and guarantees a mental well-being, and it is not a small thing, it is gratifying. But I must say that in the end I am very lucky, because as a child I did a lot of swimming which left me with a muscle memory, so my body is used to it ».

What is the feature that differentiates Buddyfit from other training platforms?
“Well, I’m here! Seriously, there are already one hundred classes in Spain as well in Italy we have more than five hundred live shows per month. We provide the possibility to choose any type of training, ranging between pilates, dance, yoga, combat and they are really funny. You can play sports and smile together, what’s better? ».

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