Covid: with 126 deaths in 24 hours, the country has the 3rd lowest number of deaths since April 2020

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Brazil registered 126 deaths and 5,638 cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. The daily number of deaths from the disease this Monday (8) is the third lowest since April 2020, only behind the 1st and 7th of November, when 98 and 57 deaths were reported, respectively.

This Monday (8), the moving averages of deaths and infections were 236 and 10,198, respectively.

Data are from the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass). With the update, the country has a total of 609,573 deaths and 21,886,077 confirmed infections since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

São Paulo does not register deaths

The state of São Paulo did not record any deaths from Covid-19 this Monday, informed the Government of the State of São Paulo. Although Mondays usually have deaths below the weekly average, the state of São Paulo had never registered a day without deaths. The total number of deaths in the state, therefore, remains at 152,527. Read more.

Pfizer’s Covid-19 Pill

Pfizer’s antiviral pill, which was able to reduce hospitalization or death by 89% in patients at increased risk of developing Covid-19 severe cases, is “simple to use” and something that “has been expected for a long time” to fight the disease, according to infectologist José Valdez Madruga. Read more.

Monitoring of variants at the border

Brazil and Argentina have entered into a partnership to monitor and identify Covid-19 variants in the border areas between the two countries — which involves three Brazilian states (Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina) and two Argentine provinces (Misiones and Corrientes). Read more.

US has 70% of adults fully vaccinated

The United States has reached the milestone of 70% of adults fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The registration is from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), responsible for vaccination in the country. Read more.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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