Creepy find: Bite a human finger while eating hamburger

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It’s one of those events that you really do not want to happen to you! A woman from Bolivia allegedly bit a hamburger in which there was a cut human finger.

In fact, the images with the creepy find were released online, causing horror to many.

“While eating, I bit a finger”, wrote Estefany Benitez on Facebook, describing her experience at a burger shop in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. She claims that she bit the creepy content from the very first bite.

Her post is accompanied by photos of the hamburger and the finger on the plate. In a video he also uploaded, he is heard to say: “Here we are at the wonderful Hot Burger, where a finger ended up in burger my”.

She also recorded herself reporting the incident to the restaurant managers, who offered to rectify it. “Please tell me what you want and we will give it to you,” they told her, stressing that the burgers arrive at the restaurant ready and that “something like this has never happened before.”

And while they offered to close the burger section while the terrified customer was still there, they reportedly continued to “serve customers as if nothing had happened,” she complained.

The customer’s post went viral and forced a company representative to talk about an “unfortunate incident”, explaining that a worker lost part of his finger while preparing meat – a story confirmed by local police, according to the NY Post.

As a result of the incident, the Deputy Minister for Consumer Rights in Bolivia decided to temporarily close the chain of burgers and impose a fine on the company. It is unclear, however, whether Benitez will take legal action.

This is not the first time a customer has discovered a human member in food of. Another creepy incident is that of 2019, when a couple from the UK found a tooth in the order with their Chinese food.

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