Kenyan authorities have closed their investigation into the Worldcoin cryptocurrency project, co-founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. Worldcoin intends to resume operations in the country.

According to a statement from Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), prosecutors have agreed to demands from Worldcoin’s lawyers to complete the investigation, which began in May 2024. The DCI quickly addressed a number of allegations regarding the alleged illegal collection of data through iris scans and facial images of people using special devices, as well as the storage of sensitive personal data. The prosecutor’s office found no wrongdoing, so it ordered the Worldcoin case to be closed without further action by the police.

Worldcoin suspended operations in the country in August 2023. Now Kenyan law enforcement officials have recommended that Worldcoin management register the project and obtain a license from the Personal Data Protection Commission of Kenya and the Communications Authority of Kenya. The authorities also called on the crypto project to undergo thorough due diligence and enter into all necessary contracts with third-party providers in Kenya.

“We are grateful to DCI for its fair investigation and law enforcement’s willingness to close the case. We will continue to work with Kenyan regulators to resume operations in the country,” commented Thomas Scott, General Counsel of Tools for Humanity, OpenAI’s Worldcoin development partner.

Let us recall that in May, the Hong Kong authorities also finished investigating the activities of Worldcoin, but they identified violations and banned the activities of the crypto project in the administrative region. Previously, a Spanish court also ordered Worldcoin to stop operating in the country. However, a survey conducted by Tools for Humanity showed that 87% of Spaniards are waiting for Worldcoin to return.