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Crypto show host to be jailed for two years

The host of the weekly cryptocurrency radio show The Dana Crypto Show has been sentenced to two years in prison. Protos.

In March 2020, Dana McIntyre filed two applications for various COVID-19 benefits in the name of two of his children for two defunct companies, one of which was called Dana’s Dank Pies. reported prosecutors.

In his statement, he claimed that he did not work and receive no income, although he still continued to manage his pizzeria and made a profit from it.

In April 2020, McIntyre successfully applied for another $660,000 in aid from another fund. To obtain this amount, the man falsified data on the number of his employees, their salaries and tax documents.

He subsequently sold the pizzeria and used most of the proceeds to purchase eight alpacas and a farm in Vermont. He also used the funds to pay for airtime for his weekly cryptocurrency radio show.

In addition, the man bought a pickup truck and a vintage car, made repairs in the kitchen and paid for spa services.

McIntyre told reporters The New York Timesthat he viewed credit as something he would someday repay. The man added that his only crime was that he indicated 47 employees of the pizzeria instead of 7.

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