Cuba: The organizer of the banned demonstration on November 15 will demonstrate alone, with a rose in his hand

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A Cuban playwright, who is leading the call for protests on the island on November 15, said today that he would march alone, silent and holding a white rose, on the eve of the planned mobilization to show the non-violent nature of the movement.

Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. ” to overthrow the government.

Junior Garcia, one of the leaders of the Archipielago, denied the allegations, but said that the possibility of violence did not, however, lead him to change his plans.

“We are not prepared to shed a single drop of blood on either side of this dispute,” Garcia said in a Facebook post.

“On Sunday, November 14, I will march alone, on behalf of all the citizens to whom the regime deprived them of the right to protest on November 15.”

Garcia’s announcement came hours after Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodrεςguez summoned diplomats to Havana yesterday and told them that Cuba would not allow the demonstration. The government says Garcia is seeking a confrontation between protesters and security forces.

Source: AMPE


Source From: Capital

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