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CVM opens investigation against 5 companies for selling gold from illegal mining

The Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) opened an administrative proceeding on Wednesday (18) against gold managers F.D’Gold, OM (Ourominas), Parmetal, Carol4 and Fenix ​​for allegedly buying and selling gold illegal mining, mainly in the Amazon.

The CVM, an agency of the Ministry of Economy, is responsible for overseeing any irregularity in the capital market.

The process was opened from a survey called “What they don’t tell you about gold”, from February 2022, carried out by the Brazilian Mining Institute (Ibram) and the Escolhas Institute.

The study denounces that, between 2015 and 2020, Brazil traded 229 tons of gold from illegal mines, with the five managers under investigation accounting for a third of that volume, the equivalent of 76 tons.

The study showed that, of this amount, more than half came from the Amazon (54%), mainly from the states of Mato Grosso (26%) and Pará (24%). The conclusion of these results was only possible from the analysis of 40 thousand records of gold commercialization and extraction images that pointed out the irregularities.

The cases involve the extraction and sale of gold from illegal mining in protected areas such as TI Sararé, in Mato Grosso, TI Kayabi, between Mato Grosso and Pará, and the National Parks of the Amazon, in Pará, Mapinguari, between Amazonas and Rondônia, from Acari, in Amazonas, and Tumucumaque Mountains, located between Amapá and Pará.

THE CNN questioned the National Gold Association (Anoro), representative of the five companies, about the irregularities, but had no response until the publication of this article.

Source: CNN Brasil

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