Cyclone passing on the southern coast of Brazil brings rain and cold; see the forecast

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Since the weekend, an extratropical cyclone on the southern coast of Brazil has caused strong winds over the ocean, making the sea very rough. According to Climatempo, even this Tuesday (20th) the circulation of winds reinforces the instabilities in these regions, as well as in the Midwest of the country, with the potential for storms being high. In general, this week will be marked by a lot of rain, with a high risk of flooding, and cold.

“An area of ​​low atmospheric pressure between Paraguay, Bolivia and Central-West Brazil, combined with the circulation of winds, carries heavy clouds over much of Paraná, interior of São Paulo, central and eastern Mato Grosso do Sul. and increases the risk of storms”, informed Climatempo.

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The capital of São Paulo will still have sun between clouds throughout the day and a gradual rise in temperature. Thermometers vary between 14ºC and 26ºC this Tuesday. At night, showers are expected with risk of flooding. On Wednesday (21), the day before the beginning of spring, the temperature drops between 15ºC and 21ºC, with a very rainy day.

time by country

In the southern region, temperatures are milder. In east-central Rio Grande do Sul, the weather is cloudy, with light to moderate rain and winds of 40 to 50 km/h on the coast, due to the formation and advance of a cold front across the state.

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In northern Brazil, according to Climatempo, heat and high humidity still cause heavy rain in Amazonas, Roraima, eastern Amapá and the coast of Pará, but the precipitation is isolated and with low volumes. It still rains in areas that suffer from drought, such as Tocantins and southern Pará.

In the Northeast, the forecast is for little rain, more concentrated on the coast. In Salvador and Aracaju, the weather is more cloudy and rain can occur at various times of the day.

On Wednesday, according to Metsul, the forecast is for rain throughout the southern region of Brazil, in a large part of São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, in points of Mato Grosso, Goiás, Rio de Janeiro and areas of Minas Gerais. Grande SP has the lowest minimum temperature for September in 30 years.

The cities of the metropolitan region of São Paulo, which includes the capital of São Paulo, have registered the month of September with the lowest minimum temperature in the last 30 years, according to information from the state Civil Defense.

According to the agency, the average temperature for September is usually estimated at 14.4ºC, but this year, with ten days to go before the month ends, the average has been 13.3ºC, that is, 1.1ºC lower.

The lower temperatures are associated with the passage of cold fronts over the region, accompanied by a mass of cold air.

Source: CNN Brasil

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