Cyprus: Damn with the potato dummy – Why they made it, how it was commented

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It provoked a variety of reactions in Cyprus and specifically in the community of Xylofagou a model of a potato. The Insider of Phileleftheros contacted the community leader Georgios (Koko) Tassos, who was also the inspirer of the project.

As Xylofagou mentioned, she is known for her potatoes and she wanted, after seeing Big Fish in Ireland, to do something similar for his community.

«I wanted this potato to become a point of reference in the community and I’m glad that with the defamation that was done, they made us the best advertisement. “I am sure that all those who criticize us will come here to be photographed with the dummy of the potato,” he said.

According to Coco Tassou, the model will cost the community a total of 8,000 euros and at the moment the project is unfinished.

“We took the potato from the Spounta variety, which is the most widespread in the area, we photographed it and it was designed. There will be a wall lined around the potato and there will be wooden seats, so that one can sit there. There will also be a refreshment room in the area, which will be obliged to fry and cook potatoes for the visitors “, he underlined.

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“The project was also welcomed by the Deputy Minister of Tourism and we are sure that it will attract thousands of foreign and local visitors,” said the mayor.

However, the same did not happen with the Facebook users who reacted and commented on the dummy in various ways.

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