Cyprus: The pseudo-state reacts to the start of drilling in Plot 6

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The so-called “foreign ministry” of the pseudo-state condemns the unilateral – as it characterizes it – activity of the “e / c administration”, as reported by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, in Plot 6, supporting with these unilateral actions the Greek Cypriot side violates equal rights of the Turkish Cypriot “people” in natural resources and continues to escalate tensions on the island and the eastern Mediterranean.

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As reported by the Cyprus News Agency, in its announcement the “foreign minister” adds that the proposal of the Turkish Cypriot side for cooperation on the issue of natural gas, as submitted in July 2019, remains on the table. They expect, it is reported, that the “e / k administration” -as it calls the government of the Republic- will immediately stop the unilateral activities and will give a positive answer to this proposal.

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“Otherwise, the Turkish Cypriot side will resolutely continue the studies on hydrocarbons in the licensed areas as defined in 2011 under its acquired rights. No one should worry about that.”

In addition, they will continue – it is reported – to support Turkey’s proposal in 2020 to hold a comprehensive conference in the Eastern Mediterranean with the participation of all stakeholders, including the “tdbk”, as the pseudo-state is called.

Source: Capital

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