Microsoft: Information Events for the SME Digital Transformation Recovery Program

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The General Manager of Microsoft Greece, Cyprus and Malta, Mr. Theodosis

Microsoft held events in Patras, Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Athens and informed more than 1,000 partners and market participants about the Recovery and Sustainability Fund program for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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The events took place in the framework of the “Gr for Growth” initiative, which promotes technology as a catalyst for the competitiveness of Greek companies, and highlighted the importance of digitization for Greek small and medium-sized enterprises and the solutions subsidized by the Recovery Fund program.

In the context of the information events, the General Manager of Microsoft Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Mr. Theodosis Michalopoulos, said: “This year, Microsoft celebrates 30 years in the country, where it continues to operate with a vision to make Greece synonymous with development, with The Gr for Growth initiative accelerates the digitization of the private and public sectors, contributes to sustainable development with cutting-edge technologies, trains 100,000 citizens, employees and professionals in new digital skills, certifies much of them in the use of Microsoft technologies We are, together with our partners, next to the small and medium enterprises, which are the backbone of the Greek economy, to support them in their digital journey, in order to remain competitive, but also to make the most of it. the benefits of technology today “.

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The SME Recovery Fund program is worth a total of € 445 million and includes € 180 million for digital tools, € 100 million for digital solution development and € 165 million for digital transactions. The program guide is expected to be published by the end of May, while interested SMEs interested in acquiring digital tools will be able to apply for membership, from June 15, 2022.

In particular, through the action of the program “Digital Tools for SMEs”, small and medium enterprises can obtain standard digital products and services available on the market, to improve their productivity, to modernize their operation, to upgrade the way of communication, digitize their processes and, overall, increase the level of security of their data and digital functions.

The amount of eligible costs to be financed by the Program is scaled according to the size of the company. The maximum cost is twenty thousand euros (€ 20,000) and the subsidy rate is 70%, so the maximum subsidy is fourteen thousand euros (€ 14,000).

During the Microsoft information events, company executives and government representatives discussed with IT companies the terms and procedures for joining the Program, as well as Microsoft cloud solutions and products that create value for small and medium-sized businesses.

Introducing the Program, the Advisor to the Minister of Digital Government, Mr. Thanos Dimas, said: “Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the Greek and European economy. In the face of the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the digital transformation for SMEs to continue to innovate and add value to the people who work for them and to the country as a whole, as well as the fact that all EU countries Sustainability proves both the correctness of the targeting and the need for the specific program to be implemented quickly and efficiently. and we create multiple foci for development of innovation ecosystems “.

According to a recent survey by Focus Bari (April 2022), 81% of small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 10 employees and 67% of companies with 11 to 250 employees are interested in the Program and its subsidized solutions. 59% of SMEs surveyed said they would use the program subsidy to acquire Microsoft 365, the Microsoft Cloud collaboration package that includes Office, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, security services, space on cloud for user files and the upgraded Teams service.

The Commercial Partner of Microsoft Greece, Cyprus and Malta, Mr. Albertos Bourlas, said: “The Program is a unique opportunity for the market of small and medium enterprises representing 57% of the Greek economy. Microsoft products are the first choice for “Together with our partners, we must immediately inform our customers and help them benefit from the Program, in order to accelerate their digital journey.”

Microsoft 365 for Business is the most complete and competitive solution specifically designed by Microsoft for the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises. It brings together all the modern tools needed for the daily work of users, which are framed by the best security solutions. All Microsoft 365 tools are provided through a unified environment, which makes them easy to manage.

Companies that adopt Microsoft 365 increase employee productivity and significantly reduce their costs. By switching to the cloud, companies are given the opportunity to get rid of high capital costs for equipment, in order to invest their resources in new technologies that will improve their production, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Source: Capital

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