D. Manzos: No attempt at compensation will distract from the monitoring

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The position of PASOK-Movement for Change for the immediate convening of the Institutions and Transparency Committee before any other body, so that “this time the whole truth can be told to the Parliament and to the citizens about the monitoring of Nikos Androulakis, Thanasis Koukakis and all the others of persons from the EYP and the entrapment with the Predator”, reiterated the party’s press representative, Dimitris Manzos.

Speaking to the Mega television station, he repeated, according to the information from the press office, that “there is no official invitation from the Greek Ministry of Internal Affairs or any other state authority to Mr. Androulakis, his office or his legal representatives to provide information. I remind that such an invitation would be completely out of the institutional framework, because, firstly, there is no legal framework to inform the monitored person and, secondly, this should not be done in the ear or in the closed offices, but in the Hellenic Parliament”.

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Mr. Manzos pointed out once again that the PASOK-Movement of Change will move institutionally, putting forward the request for the establishment and formation of an inquiry committee to investigate the responsibilities and the facts related to the case of Nikos Androulakis.

“If there are equally tangible indications from the ND, say about similar offenses in the SYRIZA-ANEL period or for similar offenses in the case of the Antonis Samaras government, when the EYP was under the political responsibility of Mr. Dendias and Mr. Kikilia, to bring them to the Parliament. However, no obfuscation or attempt to offset can divert the discussion from the real issue which is the monitoring and the attempt to trap the phone of Nikos Androulakis”, pointed out the PASOK-Movement of Change press representative in closing.

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Regarding the events in Evros, Mr. Manzos raised three questions:

“First, how, when and under what circumstances did these people find themselves stranded on the islet, and what are the exact coordinates of the islet?

Second, under what circumstances was the 5-year-old girl’s life lost? Where is he, what will become of the body and how should honor be paid to a man who died in search of a better life away from the wars of his homeland?

And, thirdly, what is the role of the Turkish authorities, finally, in this story? But what is the role and the initiatives taken by the Greek side as well?”

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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