Daily Mail: Russia plans to withdraw from Kherson – Putin sacks general for Donpas defense

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THE war in Ukraine has now entered a new phase, both because a hard winter is approaching, and because the Ukrainian counterattack continues, with the Daily Mail to mention that a Russian one is planned retreat from Kherson, at the moment when o Vladimir Putin deposed an important general.

More specifically, there are conflicting information about the Kherson areawhich is considered a gateway to the Crimea, as well Kyiv, on the occasion of the removal of the residents by the Russians, expects strong resistance. Simultaneously, Russia has hinted that it is strengthening its presence there.

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So far, no more information has been made public, but it was reportedly done because of her little progress was made on the frontespecially after the Russian declarations of a counterattack in the summer.

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Characteristic of the situation is that the Russian army maintains a large part of its elite units in the Donpasbut the Wagner division, armored brigades with permanent staff, but also large inventory of missile systems which it uses to hit targets in Ukraine.

Source: News Beast

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