The managing partner and CEO of 10T Holdings is confident in the inevitable increase in the value of the world’s first cryptocurrency.

“The next bull trend will come in 2025. And we will see Bitcoin exceed $100,000. I think this is a fairly conservative estimate,” said Dan Tapiero.

The businessman believes that Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly attractive store of value.

“There are many assets, such as real estate, that people often invest in. Art, paintings. And Bitcoin can really become part of the list of such assets.”

In April, Tapiero made a bold forecast: the Bitcoin rate would reach $300,000. However, according to the investor, even such a forecast can be called too modest. The crypto expert believes that negative US bond rates will be a special “mega-bullish signal” for BTC.

According to Matrixport analyst Markus Thielen, Bitcoin will rise to $40,000 amid an agreement between the management of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange and the American authorities.