Dancing with the Stars 2021: the Mietta «case», between Lucarelli and common sense

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Who thought the second installment of Dancing with the Stars 2021 it would have been monopolized by the quarrel between Alessandra Mussolini and Selvaggia Lucarelli had not considered an unexpected event: the positivity of a competitor to Covid. The character in question is Mietta, which at the beginning of the direct Milly Carlucci described as asymptomatic, but equally positive for the rapid swab, waiting for the result of the molecular. The circumstance, of course, did not allow her to be present in the studio and, consequently, to perform on the track together with maestro Maykel Fonts, but did not prevent the jury from taking up the subject again during the evening. To intervene was Selvaggia Lucarelli, who wanted to make sure that Mietta and Fonts, both in connection, were still vaccinated.

“I want to hope they are all vaccinated. I hope that this program is carried out with great responsibility. There was no vaccine last year. This year there is, “said Lucarelli before Mietta dribbled the question: “Why do we have to talk about this?” “Nobody wants to put anyone’s health at risk. I’m not on the defensive, maybe I’m just disappointed because I wanted to stay there and not talk from home, ”the singer reiterated, raising the question that she wasn’t vaccinated online. The thing, as expected, did not end there. Lucarelli once again resumed the discussion through social media: “For a person who takes Covid here, the dancer goes home professional, make-up artist, hairdresser and anyone who has had close contacts. Sorry to see people happy to work going home. It happens, at least let’s try to prevent it vaccinandoci», Wrote the judge of Dancing with the Stars on Twitter before going into the matter in her Stories on Instagram.

«I believe I have exercised my right to ask a question, as you exercised your right by not answering, only to give rather smoky answers ». “The issue is not about itching or gossiping to squeeze into the lives of others. Dancing it is a complex program that has been worked on for almost a year. The positivity of one of us can lead to major problems for those who are part of it, both at work and in health ». It is true that “the law provides for the obligation of the Green pass, not the obligation of vaccination”, but “if a person has problems, from my point of view, he must stay at home”. From there came the reply of Mietta herself through a note spread on social media: “Great regret for not being able to participate in the episode of dancing with the Stars due to the positivity to Covid that I was found, even more regret for the attack to which I was subjected and which forces me to clarify some things that should have remained in my private sphere “. “I am not against the vaccine – Mietta wrote – but I haven’t done it yet for health reasons that concern me exclusively. When the conditions are right, I won’t have any problems doing it, but at the moment I can’t. I find it shameful to have to justify myself and be forced to put in place such a private situation for which I had not yet confronted myself in the family ».


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