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Daniela Mercury says she will not participate in street parties at Carnaval 2022

The singer Daniela Mercury will not participate in street parties in the Carnival of 2022. The singer’s decision was announced this Friday (3), and is due to the uncertain moment of the coronavirus pandemic, caused by the emergence of the Ômicron variant. “I’m sorry to announce this, but we evaluated the situation well and came to the conclusion that the scenario is very uncertain,” said the Bahia woman.

Even before the identification of Ômicron and its arrival in Brazil, some producers had already decided not to go out at next year’s carnival. In Salvador, land of Daniela Mercury, producer Flora Gil, wife of Gilberto Gil, announced on November 24 that it would not produce the Expresso 2222 box, one of the main spaces of the Bahian capital’s carnival.

Last Sunday (28), singer Preta Gil also announced that she was not going to parade with her block, Bloco da Preta. The arrival of the new strain accelerated cancellations.

Daniela also stated that she already considers that, in Bahia, the government and city hall will not hold the 2022 carnival. The administrations have not yet made a public statement on the matter, but canceled the New Year’s Eve parties.

In the city of São Paulo, where she also performs, Daniela is also not going to parade with her Pipoca da Rainha block next year. The block ended the São Paulo Carnival in 2020. “If the authorization of the health authorities is maintained, we will try, as far as possible, to hold concerts and events throughout the summer, always with limited audience and with the requirement of two doses of vaccine”, he stated.

“Furthermore, I continue to encourage my fans and all Brazilians to wear a mask. The moment is not yet of complete tranquility, even with vaccines saving thousands of lives”, concluded Daniela.

In an interview with stateNatalia Pasternak, PhD in microbiology from USP and president of the Instituto Questão de Ciência (IQC), stated that the current moment of the pandemic does not provide security for public parties with great agglomeration, regardless of the presence of Ômicron. “We need to wait and see how the virus will behave with the vaccinated population. We cannot go back on what we have advanced so far”, he stated.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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