David Guetta is accused of being homophobic for not responding to Kunno’s greeting

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The DJ and composer David Guetta has caused a stir on social networks after a video emerged where he allegedly despised the tiktoker Kunno during the LOS40 Music Awards ceremony and has been accused of homophobia.

On November 4, LOS40 Music Awards were held in Madrid, Spain, where we saw important figures from the music industry, including French DJ David Guetta, whose attendance was not only due to the presentation and delight of his music, but also was nominated for Best Artist or Producer dancing in the international category, along with other producers of that genre, being the winner of the list. For his part, Kunno, the tiktoker and influencer Mexican, was in charge of presenting this category.

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David Guetta is accused of being homophobic for not responding to Kunno’s greeting

Recently, through social networks, a video of the exact moment where the DJ goes on stage to receive his award from the presenter and another host has circulated. Kunno awaits the producer with open arms, but David keeps his distance from him, although this does not prevent the influencer hug and kiss him as part of a congratulations.

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However, looking at the video, we see how David Guetta does not get close enough to Kunno when receiving the award. For some Internet users, this was rude, but others consider that it was simply a neutral and respectful reaction to not knowing the influencer. In addition, some users said that the kiss and hug did not take place because of the distance between them and that it was not a homophobic reaction on the part of the producer.


David Guetta avoids kissing the Mexican influencer Kunno at Los40 Music Awards 2022. #latinus #InformationForYou

♬ original sound – Latinus – Latinus

The versions of an alleged act of homophobia arose because some viewers and netizens noticed Kunno’s gesture of discomfort after wanting to hug the Frenchman. Regarding these opinions, the Mexican responded on his Instagram account that everything was assumptions, since the producer was very polite with him despite what others may think based on what the camera captured. In addition, he added that the composer should not be branded as homophobic for refusing the kiss on the cheek.

People have nothing to do, really, nothing more than gossip. The truth is that David Guetta was super cool, he greeted me super well, super comfortable. The man always behaved like a gentleman throughout the award ceremony and even he uploaded me to his Instagram, so ha ha.


Source: Okchicas

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