Ripple CTO David Schwartz posted a warning on social media X about a new wave of scams aimed at stealing the personal data of XRP holders.

David Schwartz commented message user under the pseudonym @3YearLetterman about his contact with the “Ripple support service”, which, when checked, turned out to be a phishing attack disguised as an official service.

The message received by @3YearLetterman claimed that Ripple customer service was investigating his account activity for copyright infringement and required that the recipient provide feedback on the allegation within 24 hours to avoid account suspension. To do this, the user must follow the link provided in the message and fill out the review form.

Schwartz warned his subscribers about the dangers of clicking on the link and recommended ignoring such a message. He explained that the fraudulent link leads to a phishing site where user data and personal information will be collected.

Earlier, the technical director of Ripple warned the crypto community about the emergence of a fake online service Н, which offered the distribution of XRP and associated itself with Ripple Labs.