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What you need to know about Telegram Stars?

The Telegram team introduced Telegram Stars, a new way to pay for digital goods and services within the messenger ecosystem. The innovation will provide developers with unique opportunities to monetize their applications and bots.

We tell you how Telegram Stars works, where to buy “stars” and how to make money on the Telegram initiative.

What’s happened

June 6, 2024 founder of Telegram Pavel Durov announced about the launch of the internal currency Telegram Stars (Telegram stars). According to him, the tokens are intended to pay for digital goods and services within the messenger ecosystem.

The Telegram team claims that the initiative complies with Apple and Google’s policies on sales of digital products.

How Telegram Stars works

According to representatives of the platform, Telegram Stars simplifies the purchase of digital goods and services within Telegram. Developers can accept payments for their products and services in “stars” and then exchange them for cryptocurrency. Users will also be able to donate “stars” to content creators.

Screenshot of donation transfer in “stars” to the author in Telegram

The blog says, that the owners of “stars” will be able to pay for many goods and services: “from e-books and online courses to items in games.” For example, today Telegram Stars can be tried in @DurgerKingBot.

The Telegram team published detailed instructions on getting started with Telegram Stars. You can organize the reception of “stars” in a couple of simple steps.

Where to buy Telegram Stars

Users can purchase Telegram Stars through in-app purchases in Apple and Google apps or through PremiumBot. To do this, just open Telegram, find a bot and make a purchase through available payment systems.

How to exchange Telegram Stars for cryptocurrency

Developers who receive Telegram Stars can exchange them for Toncoin (TON) through the Fragment platform. This way you can monetize the stars you earn and use the funds received to further promote your applications in Telegram.

Toncoin, as expected, responded with growth to another initiative of a project-friendly messenger.

Is Telegram Stars a cryptocurrency?

Telegram Stars are not a cryptocurrency. They are not traded anywhere and the developers have not announced plans to list tokens on the exchange.

This is an in-game currency designed to pay for digital goods and services within the Telegram ecosystem. At the same time, as we noted earlier, “stars” can be exchanged for the Toncoin (TON) cryptocurrency.

Instead of conclusions

Telegram Stars opens up new opportunities for monetization of digital goods and services within Telegram. With the new currency, users can easily make purchases and developers can effectively monetize their products and services.

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