Davide Carnielli: reported missing on the Marmolada, recognized in hospital

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His name was among those of the missing. They thought he was trapped in the ice of the Marmolada. Instead Davide Carnielli he’s alive, he’s been in hospital since Sunday. He was among the wounded, but no one could recognize him. The miracle happened on Tuesday. The 30-year-old from the Trentino municipality of Fornace is hospitalized at the Ca ‘Foncello hospital in Treviso on a reserved prognosis. His parents recognized him thanks to a piercing.

“Davide is a boy who puts all of himself into what he does, let’s hope for a miracle,” said the mayor of Fornace, Mauro Stenico, and seems to have been listened to. The young man, who works in the family hardware store and is a city councilor, is an expert mountain sportsman. A few minutes before being overwhelmed by ice avalanche had posted a message on his Instagram profile, posted at 13.39. «Descent on the glacier! Savi and safe, I’m also around “

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It was recognized thanks to details of the feet and a hole in the base of the ear, a piercing. Blood group confirmed. The president of the Veneto Region announced the identification, Luca Zaia: «I spoke to two couples of parents in Canazei in the reception room of the relatives of the missing and I asked for images of anatomical details useful for recognition on the basis of what emerged from the dialogue. The patient hospitalized in Treviso now finally has a name and a surname ». He had photos sent himself to help identify that injured man with no name.

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Davide Carnielli is still in reserved prognosis. He has cerebral edema and internal organ injuries. He was found undocumented, unconscious with trauma and hypothermia. Parents saw him in intensive care. “I wish him a speedy recovery along with all the others injured in this tragedy,” said Zaia.

There are four Italian victims identified: Filippo Bari, Paolo Dani, Tommaso Carollo and Liliana Bertoldi. Two hikers from the Czech Republic recognized through documents. One person remains to be identified. Of the 13 missing who were counted on Monday, only 5 remain, all Italians. Two hundred and twenty remains found on the Marmolada can be used for identification.

The prosecutor of Trento, Sandro Raimondi, said that geological investigations will be made. “At the moment, however, there is no evidence to be able to speak of the predictability of the disaster and of a negligence or inexperience”. Relatives of victims and missing people ask why the hikers were not stopped and why there were no monitoring of the glacier. The Marmolada is closed for the whole summer, there is the risk of new collapses. All access routes, from any side, are closed to traffic. Ground searches should start tomorrow.

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