Deadly earthquakes in Turkey: Joe Biden promises Recep Tayyip Erdogan ‘all necessary help’

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THE American chairman Joe Biden promised to Turk his counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan “all the help you need”, “whatever”after the dead destroyers earthquakes that hit Turkey.

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He expressed “his condolences on behalf of the American people” and stressed that teams are being sent “rapidly” from the US to “support search and rescue operations” and “coordinate any other assistance” needed by the earthquake victimssays a press release released by his White House services.

Syria: Aid will be distributed to all Syrians promised to the UN

THE Syros ambassador to United Nationsconveying Damascus’s request for aid after the devastating earthquake that hit the country, assured yesterday Monday (6/2) that it would be distributed “to all Syrians” who need it, “throughout the territory”, even though some of it is outside his government’s control.

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Bassam Sabah met in New York with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to convey to him the request for help from the Syrian government, which promised to “facilitates all necessary (procedures) for international organizations to distribute humanitarian aid”after the earthquake that caused terrible destruction in Syria, as well as in Turkey.

“We assure the UN that we are ready to help and coordinate the delivery of aid to all Syrians, throughout the Syrian territory”the ambassador told the press, when asked about the populations in the areas controlled by rebels and jihadists.

Today, humanitarian aid to these zones generally arrives from Turkey, thanks to a cross-border mechanism created in 2014 by a decision of the United Nations Security Council.

But this mechanism is contested by Damascus and Moscow, who consider it to violate Syrian national sovereignty. Under pressure from Russia and China, the number of crossing points was reduced in time from four to one.

Asked about the possibility of opening new crossings to deal with the consequences of the earthquake, the Syrian diplomat appeared yesterday to reject the idea.

“We are ready to work with anyone who wants to help Syrians from inside Syria. Access from Syria is there, (stakeholders) can coordinate with the government – ​​we are ready to do that.”Bassam Sabagh emphasized.

However, the UN has repeatedly emphasized in recent years that the provision of aid through the front lines, which requires the green light of Damascus, is not possible on a scale capable of meeting the needs of the populations of northwestern Syria.

“We hope to be able to deliver aid across the front lines”, Stephane Dujarric, the representative of Antonio Guterres, noted yesterday Monday. But “this mechanism is a little more difficult” than the cross-border one, he added, assuring that in any case, the UN will distribute as much aid as possible, “regardless of the method”.

Source: News Beast

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