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Death toll after heavy rains in Rio Grande do Sul rises to 43

The Civil Defense of Rio Grande do Sul reported, this Sunday morning (10), that the number of deaths rose to 43 following the heavy rains that hit the southern region of the country in recent days.

Another 46 people are still missing in the state, and 224 are injured.

The state still has 3,798 homeless people, in addition to 11,642 displaced people. Around 150,341 people were affected by the disaster.

The concepts of homeless and homeless are different. A homeless person is someone who has lost their home and is in a public shelter. The homeless person had to leave their home – not necessarily lost it – and is not in shelters, but rather in the home of a relative, friend or acquaintance, for example.

According to the bulletin released this morning by Civil Defense, the 43 confirmed deaths are spread across 11 cities in Rio Grande do Sul, most of them in the municipalities of Roca Sales and Muçum:

  • Cruzeiro do Sul: 5
  • Enchanted: 1
  • Star: 2
  • Ibiraiaras: 2
  • Immigrant: 1
  • Lajeado: 3
  • Mato Castelhano: 1
  • Muslim: 16
  • Deep Step: 1
  • Roca Sales: 10
  • Santa Teresa: 1

The 46 missing are from:

  • Lajeado: 8
  • Arroio do Meio: 8
  • Muslim: 30

Government promises help

The Minister of Development, Wellington Dias (PT), stated on Saturday (9) that his portfolio will make approximately R$56 million available to people affected by the effects of the cyclone in the South region.

A ministerial delegation, together with the acting president, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), is expected to visit the state this Sunday (10).

Alckmin had already announced, on Friday (8), that the Ministry of Development should release R$800 for each person affected by the disaster, in addition to arranging for the sending of 20,000 basic food baskets to the local population.

In an interview with CNN Elmar André Schneider, the mayor of Estrela, one of the municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul that was largely destroyed, said that the city is still awaiting the transfer of resources from the federal government.

Several parts of the state recorded record levels of rain this week, caused by the passage of an extratropical cyclone through the South region.

In addition to the dozens of deaths already confirmed, the system caused flooding, roofing of houses, falling trees and broken bridges, and is already being considered by experts as the biggest natural disaster in the state in at least 40 years.

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(Published by Lucas Schroeder, from CNN, in São Paulo)

Source: CNN Brasil

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