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Decentraland to Host Third Annual Metaverse Arts Week

At the end of August, the annual Metaverse Art Week will take place on the Decentraland platform, which will present the work of famous artists and digital artists.

The Decentraland Metaverse Project has announced the entry list for its third annual Metaverse Art Week, The World Is Made of Code, which includes what organizers say is “mind-blowing” work by contemporary artists.

Metaverse Art Week 2022 will run from August 24-28 and will showcase the work of artists and designers from around the world, as well as major art houses like Sotheby’s and art communities and creative groups like Artnet and UXartlab. Works from the NFT OpenSea and Rarible trading platforms will also be presented.

In addition, the work of Frida Kahlo will be presented for the first time in the metaverse. According to Decentraland Foundation creative director Sam Hamilton, the annual event marks a turning point for the wider adoption of Web3 technology and important decisions in the industry.

Earlier, Decentraland, together with the payment service Transak, offered virtual land owners to host crypto ATMs to increase the growth of cryptocurrency transactions.

Source: Bits

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