The decentralized exchange Equalizer was hacked through an exploit – the hacker began siphoning user funds. Equalizer management has asked customers to temporarily stop interacting with the trading platform.

First, the hacker stole 2,500 SpookySwap liquidity tokens (spLP), and then stole about 2,353 EQUAL tokens, 510,579 FantomStarter (FS), 2,500 spLP, 6 million AnyInu (AI), 985,565 ChillPill (CHILL), 50,000 WigoSwap (WIGO) from users ) and 25 multiDEUS (DEUS). The hacker's wallet address appeared more than 222 days ago, and it continues to receive stolen user funds. During the day, the EQUAL rate fell by almost 11%, to $8.89.

Then the unknown person went even further – he created a fake Equalizer account on the social network X and tweeted: the affected exchange clients can refund the stolen funds. Equalizer security specialists continue to investigate the exploit and urge people not to trust the attacker.

“If you are asked to approve anything when connecting to a decentralized application, if the application asks you to interact with a contract that you have never worked with before, if you are asked to approve any unknown contract, please stop using the service until we we will solve the problem and not update the main website,” the Equalizer team warned.

At the beginning of the year, due to an exploit, hackers were able to steal crypto assets worth about $6.5 million from the Abracadabra Finance protocol. In the same January, attackers discovered a vulnerability and stole $600,000 worth of cryptocurrencies.