DEDA: In 2023 the operation of natural gas networks in Florina, Kastoria and Grevena

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It seems that 2023 will be the year that four cities in western Macedonia – Florina, Kastoria, Argos Orestiko and Grevena – will be connected to TAP’s natural gas network at the pipeline exits in Poria Kastoria and Perdikka Eordaias, while for the city of Grevena, the natural gas, after its transfer, will be stored in decompression stations that are already being built.

The managing director of DEDA Marios Tsakas, who toured all three regional units, where the contractors’ crews are currently working on the construction of the natural gas networks, found that “the project execution schedule is progressing normally” and that “as the time, the work will become more intensive in various parts of the city”.

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In Florina, he visited the Perdicka area, where the so-called medium pressure “steel network” is being built, which will transport the gas from the TAP pipeline to the outskirts of the city of Florina and from there, through the low pressure network, natural gas will be transported to 5000 consumers.

Mr. Tsakas explained that Florina has the privilege compared to the other cities of western Macedonia “to have secured, from the beginning of the project, the financing of the equipment and the fees for connecting the consumers’ properties to the network”.

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During his visit to Kastoria, in the presence of the mayor of the city, Yiannis Korentsidis, Mr. Tsakas talked about the road map for the execution of the project, he explained that the crews are starting the work outside the city, while they will soon expand within the cities of both Kastoria and of Argos Orestikos.

He advised citizens to be patient “for the inconvenience they will suffer when the contractors’ crews enter the main streets of the city”, while clarifying that “the possibility of financing the cost of connecting consumers to the grid is being investigated”.

The CEO of DEDA concluded his tour with a visit to the Municipality of Grevena, where he spoke with city officials and toured, accompanied by the mayor Giorgos Dastamanis, places where construction projects for the natural gas network are being carried out.

Source: Capital

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