Deep Nostalgia, the app that brings your famous loved ones back to life

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When a person dies, the only thing we dream of is seeing his smile and his gestures again, even if only once more. MyHeritage thought of all those people who lost a loved one and created a app powered by artificial intelligence that allows you to create beautiful memories.

Deep Nostalgia gives still face photographs a small animation using previously recorded facial movement videos. You just have to choose the one that best suits the image you want to animate and then apply the changes.

Deep nostalgia is making us cry

The app it was created by MyHeritage, a platform that is responsible for developing websites, mobile, software, products and services in which users can do from a family tree to create and share photographs with movements.

Videos are already getting popular

MyHeritage’s various controllers allow access to video leads that have different sequences of facial gestures, with which images can simulate a blink or a smile.

Once you animate the video, you can export it to publish it on your social networks or simply share it with your family members.

They want nostalgia to invade us

One of the main reasons why the app is to give users the opportunity to remember their deceased relatives in a different way. Your goal is to “revive” for a few seconds.

Some use the app to laugh

Obviously, it didn’t take long for netizens to realize that they could use the app for something funnier. So they took the funniest and weirdest photos of celebrities to give them movement and the result was very comical.

Others use it to bring back historical figures

There are also users who preferred to simulate what the most important characters in history would look like, such as the Mona Lisa, Nefertiti and even Charles Darwin.

A trip to the past

Seeing our loved ones once again smiling or moving is amazing, as it reminds us of small details about that person. In addition, it makes us travel to the past and relive a special moment. You have to try!

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