Deflation comes to e-commerce; E-Flation index drops 2.23%, says Ibevar

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The E-Flation index, which measures inflation in e-commerce, calculated by the Brazilian Institute of Retail & Consumer Market Executives (Ibevar), shows that deflation has arrived on the internet.

In September, the indicator fell 2.23% when compared to the same month of 2021. In the accumulated of this period, it retreated 8.57%. E-Flation covers 40 categories with a total of over 21,000 products in e-commerce.

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The rise in interest rates by the Central Bank, which jumped from 2.00% to 13.75%, has been impacting the margins of commercial operations, especially those carried out in electronic commerce, highlights Ibevar.

The president of Ibevar, Claudio Felisoni de Angelo, notes that products sold on the Internet are, in general, much more easily comparable with one another. And one of the reasons is how easy it is for consumers to obtain information about these items and their payment terms.

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“This obviously intensifies the competition. In a tight budget environment, retailers are forced to accommodate cost increases by squeezing margins through actual price reductions,” he comments in a note.

Source: CNN Brasil

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