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Delivery man is shot by PM after argument in Rio de Janeiro

An app delivery man was shot after an argument with a military police officer on Monday night (4), in Vila Valqueire, in the north of Rio de Janeiro. The fight reportedly began after the victim refused to enter the condominium to make the delivery.

According to the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro (PMRJ), military police officers from the 18th Battalion of Jacarepaguá were called to the incident and, upon arriving at the scene, they found the delivery man shot and lying on the ground in Praça Saiqui.

In the images, recorded by the victim himself and viral on social media, it is possible to see the police officer keeping the gun on his waist.

In another scene, delivery man Nilton Ramon de Oliveira, 25, says he is being threatened, while the military police officer asks the victim to be respectful and polite while he proposes to make a delivery.

Nilton was rescued by the Fire Department and taken to Salgado Filho Hospital. A CNN He contacted the Municipal Health Department, but received no response regarding his health status until the publication of this article.

The shooter appeared at the 30th Police Station to provide clarification. In a note, the PMRJ informed that the Internal Affairs Department opened an investigative procedure to investigate the circumstances of the incident.

A CNN tries to contact the police officer who appears in the images.

*Under the supervision of Bruno Laforé

Source: CNN Brasil

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