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Deloitte Greece utilizes SAP solutions in sustainable development and automated monitoring of ESG indicators

Deloitte Greece utilizes SAP solutions in sustainable development and automated monitoring of ESG indicators

Deloitte Greece, a leader in the Greek market for consulting services, including sustainable development and climate change services, strengthens its existing partnership with SAP, one of the world leaders in the software and business solutions market, utilizing its technological solutions in the field of sustainability.

The goal of utilizing SAP’s portfolio of integrated sustainability solutions is to strengthen the innovative consulting services provided in the field of collection, aggregation, processing and automated monitoring of sustainable development indicators and climate change risk management. These solutions are based on the three pillars of sustainable development in terms of climate change, cyclical economy and social responsibility, and have as their main axis the solution “Sustainability Reporting and Performance Management”.

By utilizing them, Deloitte lays the foundations for the strengthening of the already integrated consulting services to its clients, in addition to providing the development of automated services in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) in Greece, as well as in matters of management. scenarios but also the effects of climate change.

With joint solutions to tackle climate change, and leveraging SAP technology solutions, the two partners can minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their customers’ products and operations across the value chain, with built-in analytics capabilities. and trade, designed to take action on the climate. This makes a future with zero emissions possible. With circular economy solutions, the two companies’ customers design products in a sustainable way, eliminate waste and create a sustainable supply chain, incorporating ethical and environmentally responsible business practices. Thus they create a future with zero waste. Finally, with social responsibility solutions, they help their clients integrate ethically and socially responsible sustainable business practices to ensure diversity, equality and integration across the value chain. This is how they lay the foundations for a future with zero inequality.

Through its extensive experience and the utilization of these technological solutions, Deloitte Greece has the ability to effectively support the transformation of companies into a new era based on sustainable development standards, while ensuring the digital transition to a complete, modern and reliable ESG indicator platform with real-time information, enabling its customers to:

– Have centralized access to all data related to sustainable development

– Systematically monitor the efficiency and achievement of their ESG goals through automated dashboards

– Have complete real-time information on the consumption and pollutant emissions of their assets

– Use forecast analytics in order to lead to appropriate interventions related to the maintenance of their facilities, in order to ensure the return on their assets.

– Integrate all their data, from different information systems, into a common environment, in order to provide advanced analytics in a wide range of ESG indicators

– Generate automated and regular reports (reports) to the Management and Stakeholders regarding ESG

– Utilize real-time information in order to act effectively to improve their footprint

– Develop a strong platform for managing and reporting sustainable development performance across the range of their business operations

– Execute hypothetical portfolio investment decision scenarios, in order to identify financial and non-financial measurements regarding the consequences of emissions

Achieve the link between strong data and thoughtful decisions in order to promote a sustainable strategy

– To link the financial and non-financial information for the preparation of the reports of their financial statements

– Ensure the validity, accuracy and reliability of ESG indicators

Alithia Diakatou, Risk Advisory Leading Partner of Deloitte Greece stated: “The utilization of SAP’s innovative technological solutions, through the existing cooperation, in the provision of consulting services in the field of sustainable development and climate change risk management, is an important development for Enhancing the provision of integrated solutions to our customers, adding value and creating a competitive advantage for companies.The new reality now requires the timely and effective management of issues and risks associated with sustainable development and climate change. Continuous improvement of an effective ESG framework is now an important factor that will determine the long-term viability of a company and the ability to effectively meet the requirements of investors, its employees and society. “SAP solutions and to jointly support companies operating in the Greek market and strengthening the Greek economy, in this demanding challenge to achieving their sustainability and resilience to climate change.”

Vicky Athanasiadou, Consulting Partner of Deloitte Greece stated: “Deloitte as a global partner and service leader invests strategically in SAP solutions. With SAP solutions we help organizations enhance sustainability through process improvement, technological innovation and activation. “As a SAP Platinum Partner with over 30 years of experience, we provide dedicated tools, teams and methods to maximize value for our partners.”

Katerina Roga, Principal of Risk Advisory and head of sustainability services of Deloitte Greece, states: “By combining our consulting services and SAP technology solutions, we are able to offer our customers the advantage to collect, analyze and ensure the systematic monitoring of their company’s ESGs, enhancing their response to the requirements of both investors and regulators, as well as stakeholders in the environment in which they operate, while improving their performance “.

Lina Grigoratou, SAP Chief Operating Officer for Greece, Cyprus and Malta stated:

At SAP, we remain firmly committed to operating in a sustainable way, while recognizing the critical role that innovative technologies and solutions play in securing the world a better future and improving people’s lives. We share our knowledge with our customers “We enable them to achieve their own sustainability goals with our expanded portfolio of solutions. The experience of our global partner Deloitte really enhances our solutions and the value they can offer to our customers.”

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