Demonstrations no Green Pass, the plan to avoid riots

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For the G20 on October 30 and 31, the army will also be lined up, but first there are demonstrations on Friday and Saturday to be managed. Above all, the possible protests in the day of entry into force of the Green Pass mandatory in the workplace. After what happened with the assault on the CGIL, the center of Rome should be closed. According to the Corriere della Sera they could also be banned.

Interior Minister Lamorgese said in Parliament that it was not possible to arrest during the demonstration Forza Nuova leader Giuliano Castellino because “there was a risk of a violent reaction from his associates.”

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However, it is clear that there were errors and underestimations last weekend. Starting from this, the Ministry of the Interior is ready to deploy men to defend the institutional offices on Friday and also on Saturday when there will be the CGIL demonstration in Piazza San Giovanni.

The police seem to have lacked information. In Piazza del Popolo 3000 people were expected and there were 12 thousand instead. To that crowd Castellino had announced that he wanted to “go to the CGIL because tonight we will take Rome”. From here it started the assault on the headquarters of the union.

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It is not just Rome. Headmasters and sit-ins are scheduled to protest against the green pass in many Italian cities and they are protests announced in ports, starting from Trieste, and along the motorways for road transport. The Interior Ministry recommends that “the prevention activities of the possible causes of disturbance be intensified, with the strengthening of the observation and surveillance devices of the territory and the sensitive objectives as well as the monitoring services of websites and social networks, also to guarantee all the freedom to demonstrate peacefully and in compliance with the rules ».

From the Ministry, the prefectures are instructed to ban all demonstrations that are not stopped in one place. No displacement therefore e no possibility of approaching places considered at risk, starting from the institutional offices. In the capital, the gathering in Piazza Santissimi Apostoli is under observation. For the CGIL demonstration on Saturday, in addition to the union order service there should be at least 3,000 men from the police. They are also the closing days of the electoral campaign and there are rallies of the candidates in the ballot in Rome, Turin and Trieste.

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