Ethereum user paid $ 430,000 commission for unsuccessful attempt to buy STRP tokens

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An Ethereum user attempting to participate in the Strips token sale on the MISO platform of the SushiSwap decentralized exchange paid a $ 430,000 fee for a failed transaction.

According to The Block, given the high competition, STRP tokens on the MISO platform were sold out in just a few seconds. Therefore, during the sale, the member tried to use the Flashbots protocol to gain priority. The protocol allows you to send a transaction directly to a miner for its prompt inclusion in a block. Flashbots transactions are assumed to remain confidential until they are included in a block.

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However, in this case, something went wrong, and the transaction ended up in a public mempool. It has been processed by an Ethereum miner and is included in the block. But since STRP tokens were sold out too quickly, the deal was unsuccessful, and the potential buyer was left without tokens. However, he still paid the transaction fee, which was 123 ETH (about $ 430,000).

“This transaction was sent to the mempool as seen on Etherscan. She did not appear on the Flashbots relay. ” wrote on Twitter, Flashbots Product Development Manager Robert Miller.

The user then made a second transaction to buy the same tokens, deciding to use Flashbots again. However, given the “fabulous” cost of the first transaction, this deal was canceled. To inform the network about the cancellation of the transaction, they had to send another one in the amount of 30 ETH ($ 105,000).

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A few weeks ago, a similar situation happened with a user of the DeversiFi service – he paid a commission of $ 23.7 million for a transaction in USDT stablecoins worth $ 100,000. Fortunately, the miner who processed the transaction returned him $ 22.1 million.

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