Deputy Development: The great automation of processes may create radical changes in employment

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“Without any doubt, technological progress is taking place at a very rapid pace. Artificial intelligence has replaced many entities and processes and is now an active part of our daily lives. However, there are quite a few social, political and ethical questions that are raised. The large-scale automation of processes, may create radical changes in employment”.

This was noted by the Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, Christos Dimas, at the “AI & Peace” conference, held recently at the Office of the European Parliament in Greece, and held under the auspices of the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili.

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With the digital transformation not being a commandment of the times, but an imperative and the war in Ukraine changing the facts inside and outside Europe, the aim of the event was to raise the issue of new technologies, their challenges and the way that they can be regulated and democratized.

According to today’s announcement, the vice-president of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili, said about the event: “…There is a huge need for people who can understand the basics of the digital age and integrate them into their thinking. We have a golden opportunity in front of us, to before artificial intelligence follows, terms to complement and support humans, not to replace them.”

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The Special Secretary for Long-Term Planning of the Government, Yannis Mastrogeorgiou, characteristically stated: “The future is not predicted, we are actually trying to shape different alternative futures and different alternative scenarios for the desired future that we can co-shape. The desired futures that may have the coupling of man and cooperation with artificial intelligence, is the constantly recurring question that will concern us in the coming decades, regardless of the pandemic, regardless of the evolution of the war.”

In addition, the Doctor of Constitutional Law of the University of Oxford, Panagiotis Doudonis, added the following: “The initiative of ELONTECH and WeFor brought important people together, opening up the debate on the relationship between artificial intelligence and policy-making in our country. It is a debate in terms of the present and especially the future, because the presence of AI in national and global politics will be more and more intense, more and more important. So we must discuss and also prepare immediately at the institutional level”.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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