Deutsche Telekom becomes Ethereum validator

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German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom has launched its own Ethereum transaction validation node to support staking on the second cryptocurrency network.

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Node launched T-System Multimedia Solutions (MMS) division. At the same time, the company uses the DAO StakeWise application to manage the pool. Thus, the company’s clients can independently participate in the validation of the transaction, while they do not need to run their own node.

“This is a new direction for Deutsche Telekom. As a node operator, we are entering the realm of liquid staking and will work closely with members of the DAO community,” said Dirk Roder Head, Head of T-Systems MMS Blockchain Solutions Center.

Accordingly, Deutsche Telekom is becoming a competitor to liquid staking services such as Lido. This is a fairly popular service, as users can participate in staking, make a profit, and at the same time, the entry amount becomes much more affordable.

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Recall that in April this year, the German telecommunications giant invested in the cryptocurrency payment platform Celo.

Source: Bits

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