Solana’s network went down for the fourth time in a year

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The Solana network has stopped block production for the fourth time this year. For a full restart of the blockchain, a restart of 80% of the validators is required.

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As representatives of the Stakewiz service said, the error was caused by the incorrect operation of one of the validators. Apparently, a misconfiguration of one of the nodes led to an “unrecoverable network split”:

“The validator launched a duplicate host instance. And when it was the turn of the validators to create a block, they created one block each for the same slot. Some validators saw one block, others saw another, and after that they could not agree on which of the blocks is correct.”

Solana is often called the “killer of Ethereum”, however, the stability of the network leaves much to be desired – earlier this year the blockchain has already gone down three times, and each time blocks were not produced for several hours. In September last year, the network was switched off for 18 hours.

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In June, it was reported that Solana developers had fixed a bug that caused the network to stop working. However, there seem to be other ways to stop block production as well. Although representatives of Stakewiz are sure that the error occurred unintentionally.

Source: Bits

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