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Diana’s death has been overcome, but Harry and Andrew’s cases impact the image of the royal family, says expert

Professor of International Relations Marcus Vinicius de Freitas commented, in an interview with CNN this Saturday (6), part of the “controversies” that surround the British royal family and their impacts in terms of popularity.

According to the expert, the death of Princess Diana (1961-1997) has been overcome and does not bring relevant impacts to the popularity of the royal family. On the other hand, he pointed to the cases of Princes Andrew and Harry as challenges to the image of the British monarchy.

“Indeed, the big issue remains Prince Andrew and the scandal of a sexual nature he had with Prince Andrew. [Jeffrey] Epstein in the United States. This creates a difficult situation, but that is why all responsibilities have been removed from him”, he points out.

“And there is also, from time to time, Prince Harry, who, together with Meghan Markle, intended to reformat the monarchy and found that British public opinion itself had already reached a level of fatigue in relation to what they had been doing”, he added.

The United Kingdom is experiencing this Saturday the coronation of King Charles III, in a solemn ceremony in front of 2,000 guests, ranging from royalty to representatives of the British community, celebrities and heads of state.

The religious service will take place from 7 am, Brasília time, in the traditional Westminster Abbey, the same place where the world said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II, in September last year. A CNN will have over 13 hours of special programming to accompany the coronation.

Published by Danilo Moliterno.

Source: CNN Brasil

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