Die Welt: Why Leopard 2s are critical in the Ukraine war – Their advantage and features

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THE Germany gave the “green light” for the mission Leopard 2 in Ukraine war and the German Die Welt analyzes the advantages, but also the characteristics of this particular battle tank.

As noted by welt.dethis particular tank is not only considered effective, but is found in large quantities in the West, so not only can large quantities be sentbut there are opportunities and spare parts. So, the the main obstacle is the training of the Ukrainian crews.

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However, he emphasizes that the Leopard 2 it was not always the “pride” of Germanybut it started as one failed weapons project that Berlin had promoted with the US. In 1963, the two countries wanted to jointly develop a battle tank of the ‘Battle Tank 70’ type. But the project failed, despite the fact that Berlin had spent hundreds of millions of German marks on its development.

Also, a total of 16 smoke generators are placed on either side of the tower. The Leopard 2A6 Fire Control System consists of the gunner’s main sight with a two-axis stabilized mirror, the Laser rangefinder, the Ophelios thermal camera, the gunner’s and leader’s control unit, the leader’s display, the computer, the controls commander, the ballistic computer, the gun elevation sensor and the wind sensor.

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THE existence of the captain’s autonomous periscope with integrated thermal camera, enables the crew to be able to deal with multiple targets. Additionally, a GPS system is fitted, while the Iniochos Battle Management System can be fitted.

THE armor of the tank is what distinguishes the Leopard 2 A6 from the rest of the versionsat least externally as it has been increased by the addition of third generation synthetic armor plates which form an arched configuration at the front of the chariot. These parts of the armor can be removed if the tank is hit. In addition, it has full roof armor.

Source: News Beast

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